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Cheap flights to Paris from Ganja

Ganja is Azerbaijan’s second largest town, with a population of around 332,600. it absolutely was named Elisabethpol (Russian: Елизаве́тполь, tr. Yelizavétpol, IPA: [jɪlʲɪzəvʲɪtˈpolʲ]) within the Russian Empire amount. the town regained its original name, Ganja, in 1920 throughout the primary a part of its incorporation into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. However, its name was modified once more in 1935 to Kirovabad (Russian: Кироваба́д, IPA: [kʲɪrəvɐˈbat]) and preserved that name through most of the remainder of the Soviet amount. In 1989, throughout economic policy, the town regained its original name.

Even though some sources from medieval Muslim time attribute the building of the city to a Muslim Arab ruler, fashionable historians believe that the very fact that the name Ganja derives from the New Persian ganj (“treasure”) and in Arabic supply the name is recorded as Janza (from the center Persian ganza) suggests that the town existed in pre-Islamic times and was doubtless supported within the fifth century. the realm within which Ganja is found was called Arran from the ninth to twelfth century; its urban population spoke primarily within the Persian language.

The voice told him to unearth it and use the money to found a town. He did thus and knowledgeable the kalif concerning the money and therefore the town. kalif created Muhammad the hereditary governor of the town on a condition that he would provide the money he found to the kalif.

Foundation of the town by Arabs is confirmed by the medieval Armenian scholarly person Movses Kagankatvatsi, UN agency that the town of Ganja was supported in 846-47 within the canton.

Historically a vital town of the South Caucasus, Ganja has been a part of the Sassanid empire, nice Seljuk Empire, Kingdom of Georgia, Atabegs of Azerbajdzhan Republic, Khwarezmid Empire, Il-Khans, Timurids, Qara Qoyunlu, Ak Koyunlu, the Safavid, the Afsharid, the Zand and therefore the Qajar empires of Persia/Iran. before the Iranian Zand and Qajar rule, following Nader Shah’s death, it absolutely was dominated domestically for a number of decades by the khans/dukes of the Ganja berth, UN agency themselves were subordinate to the central rule terra firma Persia and were a branch of the Iranian Qajar family. Ganja is additionally the birthplace of the celebrated author Nizami Ganjavi.

The folks of Ganja experienced a brief cultural decline once Associate in Nursing earthquake in 1139, once the town was taken by king Demetrius of Georgia and its gates taken as trophies that continues to be unbroken in Georgia, and once more once the Mongol invasion in 1231. the town was revived once the Safavids came to power in 1501, and incorporated all of Azerbajdzhan Republic and on the far side into their territories. the town came underneath transient occupation by the Ottomans between 1578–1606 and 1723-1735 throughout the prolonged Ottoman-Persian Wars, however even so stayed underneath intermittent Iranian suzerainty from the earliest sixteenth century up to the course of the nineteenth century, once it absolutely was forcefully ceded to neighbour Imperial Russia.

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